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Salek represents Encourage African Life through Education for Children, which also translates well in English; Stimulate African Life through eductation for Kids.

Salek is a small, transparent and verifiable volunteer organization that builds schools and promotes education and improves in poor rural areas in Africa.

Foundation Salek is a national Charity, now located in Doetinchem, which is engaged in raising money through funds, donations and through other activities, for the establishment of educational facilities in disadvantaged areas in Africa.

Salek was incorporated on 27 February 2006 by Marinke of Nunen, Ronald Remeijer, Ralph van Es and Robert Jan Lamers.

This foundation exists at this time (April 2013) from three board members.
Chair: Vincent van Wenum
Secretary / Treasurer: Ellen Radstake
Board member Robert Jan Lamers

In the picture we are still six members (from right to left) Vincent van Wenum, Ellen Radstake, Guido Naezer, Yvon Sinke, Inge Butterman and Robert Jan Lamers.

In addition to the board, we also enjoy the support of partners and other volunteers, so we are able to put down! Serious and enthusiastic organization

Our Ambassadors

Ties KoekGeridderd Hans Rijnbende Since January 2009, we are enthusiastically supported by two ambassadors, Hans Rijnbende and Ties Koek, both celebrities in Kleve and surroundings.

Ties Koek is among others from 1986 for 18 years and was mayor of Rheden has always been closely involved in interna tional relations.

Hans Rijnbende known as schoolmaster, choir director, pastor, secretary of the Committee 4 and May 5 and has not, unfortunately, have to take as active ambassador. farewell at least as a writer of some wonderful books, mostly about Rheden and surroundings. (Hans )

Our current board

Vincent van Wenum Vincent van Wenum, chairman of Salek and idealistic 'idealist' on a small scale.
Resident at Deventer. I am responsible for recruitment.

I would like in this way contribute to an equal distribution of wealth in our world. Everyone knows that there is no good balance, but how do you create more balance and how to prevent further imbalance. I would rather see a structural approach in development aid. Where you have a transparent organization that ensures that the majority also gets where it is needed.

This is also the philosophy of the foundation and its members Salek why I'm glad I can contribute to this group of 'do-gooders' a tribute!

My name is Ellen Radstake and I'm already about 5 years secretary and treasurer of the Foundation Salek. Actually, I'm Handyman and jump in when needed.

I think it is important that children all over the world have the same opportunities to work on their future, and especially to have what their future will look like. Choose And that means quality education must be, but also that education is practical. Children need it later can do anything with the labor market, their family, or within their society.
Foundation Salek committed to these goals, in close cooperation with the local population. They know very well what they need. And we also agree how the facilities independently stand to love. Development only makes sense if they can further themselves along, without foreign aid remains. Dependent

I'm Robert Jan Lamers, 40 years (2012), residing in Doetinchem. I am responsible for local contacts in the projects and care for automation within the organization such as web sites.

During my work in Africa, I was ignited by the problems there. The demand for education soon became clear and the lack of transparency of many other major charities, plus the fact that much money in the projects ends up but the organizations themselves, why I'm along with four others in 2006 Foundation Salek began to set, so we can offer themselves on the spot. assistance

In this way I hope to contribute to a fairer distribution of opportunities in this world. Contribute

Education is the future!

Did you know that a NIPO survey shows that 53% of donors believe that charities spend money on the wrong things? Fortunately, we now have Salek, a very transparent organization where every dollar is where it belongs. We are going to personally guide!

We are convinced that the only real solution to poverty, hunger and health of African countries is education.

Build the (re) good schools, providing teaching materials and good control at the level we offer the children an opportunity to progress to higher education and good employment opportunities, which will affect. The entire environment positively in turn

The reason for our projects is the distressing situation in poor rural villages, despite the wealth of the country to follow, because of mismanagement and corruption by the rich strata of the population. Proper education
Only teaching children will be able to bring this injustice to an end.

We raise money by taking part in activities such as Christmas markets, Queen shearer party and other markets. Establish and In addition, we go to schools to also organize to raise money. Activities in addition to information and cooperation Not in the last place we raise funds and often seek sponsorship from companies and organizations.

Because we have helped set up in Nigeria a partner organization and because we ourselves are regularly present, we keep strict monitoring of the projects and associated finances that every euro spent on the project and Salek foundation therefore among the most efficient organizations in the Netherlands.

ANBIs - Tax-free donations

We are also succeeded in receiving, meaning that (mostly used by) companies (recurring) donations allowed to do. Untaxed ANBI status

We also have as a foundation to pay an inheritance or large donations given instance, no tax, so we are not subject to VAT.

If you would like to receive more information as a business please contact the tax office, or contact us via our contact page.

Old board

Hi, I'm Inge Butterman from Rheden and this is our daughter Rosalie (8-6-2009).
Six years I have been a board member at Salek.
I got to know Robert Jan and was eager to do what for Africa. We know Africa well, as my husband comes from. The concept of Salek talked to me a lot, because we can create by ensuring that the money really well spent. Difference
At the time I started at Salek I worked in the commercial fundraising, I noticed that there are many possibilities but also that lingers. Enormous amount to the bow
After a visit to Guinea in 2006 was me again as additional well understood that.
There ride there some beautiful cars around from UNICEF and UNHCR, but there is a lot of poverty. The enrich themselves richer and the poor get poorer. ...

Well even anything about myself; I work with mentally handicapped children and I am 27 years old. (2009)
We have a foster daughter of 11 at home and then so just a baby. I am also active in the SP, have a small business; and some hobbies!

My name is Guido Naezer (chairman), I'm living in Arnhem 33 years (2009), and married to Rosario.

Since October 2008 I became a member of the Foundation Salek. I like to also signify something socially and having to use me. I would love to give. Further shape the foundation and the projects I also find it interesting to see how we can help and what the best way. Actual support to Africa as a foundation, the discussion

And last I like to put a club enthusiastic people together something down

I am Yvon Sinke, 43 years old and live in Arnhem. Besides, I was also a former board member volunteer coordinator at Salek.

Have always had my interest. Projects socially involved I am glad that I joined this enthusiastic people locals of Africa can help by creating the condition. Good education

I believe in the power of man, and am convinced that education is the best way to stimulate development., And thus the prosperity of their own country I find it interesting and instructive to actively think and help shape. These projects